Laurie Tindall’s story

Laurie shortly before her first surgeries, wearing the breast cancer necklace her father had given her.

Laurie shortly before her first surgeries, wearing the breast cancer necklace her father had given her.

“Hearing the news that you have cancer, and then hearing the progression of the stages is daunting, fearful, and full of uncertainty… “FAITH, HOPE & LOVE” appear on most Breast Cancer tee-shirts and jewelry.  I now fully understand why.”


My name is Laurie Tindall and I have been diagnosed with Infiltrating Adenocarcinoma Breast Cancer, Stage IIA.

At the end of October 2014, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer (infiltrating ductal carcinoma).  She had previously had yearly mammograms and required a lumpectomy after her diagnosis.  She chose to have radiation treatments and has since been given a positive prognosis of cure.  She is a survivor!

Her situation prompted me to schedule my first mammogram that was on December 9, 2014.  The next day, I was phoned by the hospital Continue reading


Angela Cook’s story

Breast Cancer, Fighter

“My dear Physician’s Assistant, Kim walked in with tears in her eyes and said to me that something was really wrong with my blood work this time.  We cried together as I shared with her that I felt great and that this just didn’t make sense to me”

My name is Angela Cook.

First of all I want to say who I am – I am a proud Christian!  I am a devoted wife to my best friend!  I am a mother to the best daughters a woman could ever ask for!  I am a daughter to my parents and to my husband’s parents!  I am a grand-daughter!  I am a sister and sister in law!  I am a very proud Aunt!  I am a cousin to many!  I am a friend!  I am a proud principal of a wonderful staff, parental community and students!  I am a neighbor!  I am ME!

Breast Cancer, Fighter, Support

Angela with her family

Now I will say….. Here is my story!

I was diagnosed in March of 2009 with stage three breast cancer.  Continue reading

Barb Hayes’ Story

Breast Cancer Survivor, 5K Grand Rapids, Charity
Barb (center) with friends Maria and Sue at the 5th Annual Bee Brave 5K

My Journey to Defeat began in January of 2012 when I started having pain in my right breast…”

My name is Barb Griffin Hayes and I live in Alto, Michigan.  I work full-time for Blue Water Pools as an accountant and office manager. I’m also a PartyLite consultant/leader and have been selling for 20 years.  I’ve been married for 12 years and I’m a step-mom to my husband’s four children.  I have three brothers and a sister who all live in the Grand Rapids area.  I have twelve nieces and nephews and four great nieces & nephews.  I enjoy boating, watching sporting events and cooking.

Breast cancer survivor, Bee Brave

Barb with husband Rick as the Blue Ribbon Winner of the 2013 Bee Brave Chili Cookoff

My “Journey to Defeat” began in January of 2012 when I started having pain in my right breast and felt an abnormal lump while Continue reading

The Bee Signs in Caledonia are starting a BUZZ about the Bee Brave 5K

Bee Signs Caledonia Michigan Bee Brave 5K End Breast Cancer

What are the Bee signs for?

People have started to notice the BEE signs around the town of Caledonia, Michigan.

Bee Signs Caledonia Michigan Bee Brave 5k End Breast Cancer

A BEE here and a BEE there.  People have started asking “What are the Bee signs for?”. 

Bee Signs Caledonia Byron Center Bee Brave 5K Breast Cancer

So what is the deal?  What do those BEE signs mean?

Bee Brave 5K Caledonia Bee Signs End Breast Cancer

The bees are starting a buzz!

Well, they are helping the Bee Brave 5K start a buzz around Caledonia!  Located in front of homes in Caledonia and some of our fantastic business sponsors, we’re hoping to increase awareness of the Bee Brave 5k and our mission to end breast cancer.  Like our Facebook page at to help spread the word AND get registered for the RACE!

Help The Bee Brave 5K in its effort to strike out this terrible disease. Click to Like us on Facebook today and help us spread the word!!

Smart Choice Market’s Cash For Your Cause to benefit The Bee Brave 5K

Smart choice market cash for your cause

Smart Choice Market opened its doors in January 2012 after more than a year of consideration.  The owners, Brett and Jenni, decided to create Byron Center’s first health food store after experiencing the benefits of altering their own diets.  Brett had dealt with some minor health issues and rather than treat them with medication, Continue reading

Free wigs for cancer patients

One of the hardships of battling cancer is dealing with the loss of your hair, particularly to women.  While purchasing a wig can help alleviate that frustration, some women can simply not afford to purchase one.  Typically, the average cost of a wig is $100 to $200, while a hand-tied synthetic wig with netting that’s easier on the scalp, more comfortable and customized, generally cost $300 to $500.  The Bee Brave 5K would like you to know the following resources are available for a free or reduced wig: Continue reading

Jodi Sikma’s story

“God… didn’t give me something I could handle.  He gave me something I simply couldn’t have handled without him and then He proceeded to show up without fail every time.”

June 29 will be a date stuck on my internal calendar for the rest of my life.  It was June 29, 1979 that my mom lost her battle with breast cancer.  I was 11 years old.  June 29, 2002 was the day that the surgeon called me and told me it was my turn.  I was 34 years old.  June 29, 1923 is the day my father in law was born.  He is 89.  Lucky him, I never forget his birthday.

Deep down the cancer diagnosis really didn’t surprise me.  Somewhere inside, I knew one day Continue reading